Shanklin Management, Inc.
Residential Cleaning, Green Cleaning and Facility Maintenance in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland

Here is the post where our project's employees declare Thanks to all the amazing partners who assist us:

Shanklin Management Incorporated (SMI) was founded by William Shanklin.  Mr. Shanklin after several years of working for OneSource Solutions, one of the largest Facility Management Companies in the world, felt the need to venture out on his own and provide the services he had become synonomous with on a more concentrated scale.  Mr. Shanklin was responsible for the management of over 20 million square feet of Commercial Real Estate.

Mr. Shanklin saw a need for a company that was comprised of dedicated professionals providing excellent services to individual Property Managers and Property Management Companies.  The employees of SMI are all professionally trained in their prospective areas of expertise and receive on going training to stay current in the industry.

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